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knoxville furs
Yay we had a new attendance record set for Knoxville furs, set saturday the 14. We normaly meet at the Borders book store, one of many in Knoxville. But the one we went to for our new borders location is much closer so its easier for people to come out. Our record attendance before the recent saturday was 12, and as of this saturday it was 13.
NO WAIT. It gets "gooder". lol we all actually met at a furiends house that night and the attendance that night was 15. So the attendance record was set twice that day, which is awesome. We try to make a meet every weekend on a saturday. Any and all furs are welcome from anywhere, the more the merrier. When we meet we allow people 2 hours to show up, we just need to find things to do after the two hours are up. Normaly we go to a furiends place and hang but some would also like to go out and do other things especially if the days are preaty. Maybe we could go to movies or to parks or whatever. Either way we are still growing and i hope we will continue to grow. And anyone reading this is more then welcome to join us and if its for the weekend and you need a place to stay then you could stay with me and my roommate who is also a furry hehe. Anyhow this past weekend was a blast and it can only get better from here on out. :)


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