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weekend furmeets
Well the past couple of weekends have been good despite the holiday seasons. Our furmeets havnt been as big cause furs dont want to deal with the trafic which i cant blame them. But for those of us that did meet up we went to watch the Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was an awesome movie in my opinion. That happend two weekends ago. And last night we met at a furiends house for drinks and games, and i think i drunk a little to much. I was so shitfaced, i started throwing up, then i realized that hard ciders, hard creamers, and cheap whisky dosnt mix. And yea i like girly drinks, as well as beers. But all in all our meets are going great.
Im going to start working on a new fursuit soon, hopefully right after the new year rolls around. So all my money will be spent saving up for cons and working on fursuits. I have a couple of people that want me to help them, so that will just be that much more experience under my belt. Yay. I have six cons that im saving up for next year so i may have to get a second job to help support to help me out. I will be attending fwa, rcfm, ac, mfm, oklacon, and mff. so hopefully ill see alot of my favorite furs there. I already know of a few that might not make it for FWA. Jase Husky is having surgery on his leg and says that its suppost to take about 6 months for it to heal. Okidoki is suppost to be having eye surgery and may not make it to FWA as well. But, there is still a chance they can make it. In any case it wont be a cool without those two.


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