killing time
    Well iv just uploaded two more videos on youtube if anyone is interested in watching them. one is of a racoon and the second one is of my second furhead that im working on. 
    Hopefully a good friend of mine will be flying in from cali to join me at mfm, but he is getting a second job so he can have more money, and get an apartment, so im not sure if work will permit him to come to mfm, but either way i wish him the best of luck as he is one of the cooliest furs iv ever met. A lot of furs were telling me that mfm is a smaller con,, but because of that its more fun due to more interaction with the fursuiters and everybody.  Either way i hope i will see you there as well who ever reads this. 
    Oh yea, i forgot a couple of weeks a go i bought an album called Zero Order Phase. For those of you who dont know about it, its Jeff Loomis's solo project. Jeff Loomis is the guitarist for Nevermore, so me being a metalhead i had to get it, hes just awsome. To do the arppegios and string skipping the way he does is unreal,, very accurate and technical,, and from what i understand he improvised the majority of the album if not at least half of it. But i highly recommend it,, if you want to check it out go to youtube and look for the songs cashmere shiv, and devil theory.. they are both awsome,, hehe i  would love to be able to perform one of those songs at a con tallent show lol ^_^. Until next time.

I just got off of work, and i was thinking that its best if i hold out on going to ac and just go to mfm for now,, that way i can get some important bills out of the way. I hate being in debt, but i dont guess there is anyone that likes it so it kinda goes without saying. I finally found a buyer for my ferrets, as much as i love them the home they will be going to will be much better and they will have other carpet sharks to play with. This way i can get my bills paid quicker. Actually my plan is to use the money i get from the ferrets to pay for my room and registeration at mfm, That way its paid for and i can just concentrate just on my bills until next years fwa rolls around. Im also thinking about doing a song on my guitar for the talent show next year at fwa. Right now im indecisive between three songs, two of which i can play completely threw, and the other i havnt even begun to learn yet. The two i can play is Bark At The Moon by Ozzy, Bite The Pain by Death, and the one i need to learn is Mr. Scary by George Lynch. But i have plenty of time to get it down and perfect it. I thank God everyday for the furry fandom, to me its his way of saying "here use this to have fun in life". So until next entry i hope all my furry friends stay furry and happy.


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