From mfm to oklacon
MFM 2010 is over unfortunately. :( Though i had alot of fun hanging with my furiends and going to con with my mate for the first time. I miss it already. But i guess now is a good time for me to catch up on bills and straighten things out here at home while i wait for Oklacon.

I need to get back into a routing of working out, practicing guitar, and working on making for fursuits. Pewters feet are destroyed right now lol, so i need to repair them. I also need to make him and Krinkle some sandles. Speaking of Krinkle i need to start wearing him more. He was my second attempt at making a fursuit which in my opinion came out fairly well.

Ive been thinking long and hard about using my new Pewter Badge that my kitty bought for me from Scape the Goat, as a reference to have him made into a professional suit. I would have him look exactly like the badge if i could. He will be just a partial for right now then ill have the body suit made later. But, ill have to wait until i get some money.

My roommates were Howler, Crysm, Wildroo, Flamewind, and Knightwulf. They are all great furs and we had a wonderful time. Howler got a bacon toy but only after Goldenwolf and Kurse made him dance for it which was great. :3 They started calling him bacon bitch after that which made it even better lol. Such a silly Wolf. I got to hang with some pack members as well such as Merkindser and his mate JimDaleFox as well as there furiend Arron. I call them the foxy trio lol, and ill see them again at Oklacon.

Both me and my mate Kurse will be traveling to Oklacon together this year which will be awesome. We will be staying in a tent together. Even though i loved Oklacon last year it was one of the most unorganized events i have ever been to, but because of that we had to make our own fun which in my opinion made it more epic.

This year at Oklacon, Okidoki is on staff and i think Calamity Cougar is as well, and they say things this year will be much more organized and more fun, so i cant wait to see what they have going on. So until then, i hope to see alot of furs there. :3

MFM 2010
Well MFM this year will be kick ass i hope. Its a new hotel, but then again last year MFM 2009 was my first time fursuiting, and the first time i got to meet Okidoki Coyote. As much as im looking forward to MFM this year, it will take alot for it to top last year.

To bad Greifer wont be there, I always look forward to seeing him. But, i understand that you cant make every con, and Okidoki Coyote wont be there this year eather. But i will see him at Oklacon.

I finally have a wonderful girlfriend now by the name of Kurse. Check out her fa under the name Kurse. She does art comissions as well. Though we met at RCFM, this will be our first con where were actually traveling together.

Another thing i love about MFM is that it always falls on my birthday. Sept. 3rd. Its like my birthday present to me. :3 And, my girl Kurse bought us both badges from Scape The Goat. they are so bad ass. I love them, so thank you Scape for makeing out badges.

Anyway i hope to see alot of old faces at MFM and meet some new ones. Cons are always fun for making new friends. ^_^

knoxville furmeet
We had a good turnout for the meet this past saturday. I think we had 12 to 15 show up then all those furs showed up at my apartment. We all sat around drank beer and liquor, and just goofed around. I suited up and played guitar which i love to do, and everyone one was cool with that. So i guess all in all our numbers are starting to pick up again. Superbowl sunday a furfriend of ours had his birthday and we had a party for him. And we all sat around and drank beer and liquor, and watched part of the superbowl, hehe Go SAINTS, the colts can suck a dick. Any thing i do with furs is awesome no matter how simple it is furs just make things better.

I cant wait until March. Im counting down the days until FWA. That will be the start for my cons for this year. I have FWA in March, RCFM in May, AC in June, MFM in September, Oklacon in October, and MWFF in November. I have to repair my fursuits a little bit first. But thats ok i just need to keep my workouts up and get prepared to play bark at the moon at the talent show. I get nervous just thinking about it. But i believe ill do fine. I hope to make alot of new fur friends year, and im going to try and play a different song during the talent shows at each of these cons, and i would like to have the song related to the themes of the cons, hehe that would be awesome. :) Until then stay furry and stay safe.

Furfun at the mall
Well me and a furiend of mine named Bardo went to visit our good friend Howler in Clarksville Tn. About 4 hours away. We had such a blast. On Saturday we suited up and Howlers neighbors took us to wal-mart, they kicked us out saying that we couldnt have masks on in the store. Personally i think it was just the manager trying to show off his authority cause he was surrounded by blue shirts. Either way FUCK walmart. So after that we went to the mall and had the time of our lives. It seemed the second we walked in people turned and looked at us, it was amazing. lol. I didnt realy expect that kind of welcome, I guess people relay do like furs more then they would like to admit. And i guess more people like furs then i would like to admit as well. It was my first time fursuiting publicly so i was a little nervous, but all went well, it was even my first time having pictures with children, and i must admit, watching them smile was very hart warming, except for the ones that were scared out of their minds lol, but oh well i hope they grow to be as open minded as we are in the fandom. But thinking about how nice alot of people were in the mall, kinda made me feel bad when we were first in walmart. Mainly because as soon as we stepped in everyone from children to the elderly were looking and smiling at us, until some dipshit of a manager stoped us and told us no wearing masks in the store. I realy believe we could have brightened some peoples days just by a simple hug, but nope walmart wasnt havin it. I used to not care about peoples feelings asides from my friends and family, but sense iv been in the fandom it actually in a small way means something to me when a person i dont know wants me to hug them. The fandom has definiately improved my life. I truly and convinced that there are no better friends then fur friends.

Merry Christmas all, i hope you all have a happy and safe holiday. Dont do anything i wouldnt do and if you do name it after me :P.

weekend furmeets
Well the past couple of weekends have been good despite the holiday seasons. Our furmeets havnt been as big cause furs dont want to deal with the trafic which i cant blame them. But for those of us that did meet up we went to watch the Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was an awesome movie in my opinion. That happend two weekends ago. And last night we met at a furiends house for drinks and games, and i think i drunk a little to much. I was so shitfaced, i started throwing up, then i realized that hard ciders, hard creamers, and cheap whisky dosnt mix. And yea i like girly drinks, as well as beers. But all in all our meets are going great.
Im going to start working on a new fursuit soon, hopefully right after the new year rolls around. So all my money will be spent saving up for cons and working on fursuits. I have a couple of people that want me to help them, so that will just be that much more experience under my belt. Yay. I have six cons that im saving up for next year so i may have to get a second job to help support to help me out. I will be attending fwa, rcfm, ac, mfm, oklacon, and mff. so hopefully ill see alot of my favorite furs there. I already know of a few that might not make it for FWA. Jase Husky is having surgery on his leg and says that its suppost to take about 6 months for it to heal. Okidoki is suppost to be having eye surgery and may not make it to FWA as well. But, there is still a chance they can make it. In any case it wont be a cool without those two.

knoxville furs
Yay knosville furs are actually growing thank God. We had 17 show up this past Thanksgiving weekend. Which is a new attendance record for us. It makes me feel awesome that our numbers are growing. The only thing i would like to have more of is fursuits. I think out of the potential 20 or more of us there are only about 3 or 4 of us that have fursuits. But i know how things can get expensive. The suits i have i made. So I wonder if it would be a good idea to hold a panel one day on how to make fursuits. I know im no where near professional but it would still be good to hear other furs opinion on what could be done to become better. Any way im just glad our numbers are growing and im am very thankfull for that.

knoxville furs
Yay we had a new attendance record set for Knoxville furs, set saturday the 14. We normaly meet at the Borders book store, one of many in Knoxville. But the one we went to for our new borders location is much closer so its easier for people to come out. Our record attendance before the recent saturday was 12, and as of this saturday it was 13.
NO WAIT. It gets "gooder". lol we all actually met at a furiends house that night and the attendance that night was 15. So the attendance record was set twice that day, which is awesome. We try to make a meet every weekend on a saturday. Any and all furs are welcome from anywhere, the more the merrier. When we meet we allow people 2 hours to show up, we just need to find things to do after the two hours are up. Normaly we go to a furiends place and hang but some would also like to go out and do other things especially if the days are preaty. Maybe we could go to movies or to parks or whatever. Either way we are still growing and i hope we will continue to grow. And anyone reading this is more then welcome to join us and if its for the weekend and you need a place to stay then you could stay with me and my roommate who is also a furry hehe. Anyhow this past weekend was a blast and it can only get better from here on out. :)

 Well Oklacon was a blast. it was my third con, my second time fursuiting and my first oklacon. Everyone there was truly awsome. I didnt compete in the predator and prey as iv heard that people are always getting hurt, and the last thing i need is for something to go wrong to where i cant go to work as my job is a physical one. But, anyway I got to stay in a cabin with Okidoki coyote, Dash, Leo Lion, Kurisu Kitsune, and Fox Glove. All of whom were very nice and awesome to be around. 
     I fursuited alot  thank goodness, if i go to long without fursuiting i start going through withdrawls lol. I love fursuiting, ever sence i fursuited for the first at mfm i can get enough. I guess my next con will be fwa. Some furiends and me are trying for 6 cons next year, Which will be fwa, rcfm, maybe ac, mfm, oklacon, and maybe mff. 
     But anyway, back to Oklacon, i actually got to meet Calamity Cougar, and i got to help him create mischief against Okidoki Coyote, even though he was gearing it towards Greifer. I guess it was him striking back at Greifer for destroying lawnchairs. lol. 
      Leo brought his airsoft guns and had my peasly little nerf guns to add to insult to enjury. Foxglove gave me alot of tips on glowsticking and me and him talked alot about metal music. It seems the entire weekend we were talking alot about Metalocalypse. Which i think ill start watching that show again cause i forgot how funny it was. It was fun helping calamity cougar sabatoge  Okidoki's stuff. lol then i got to help Okidoki do the same to Calamity. Either way it goes I had a blast at Oklacon and will definiatley be going back next year. But next year i may fly cause that was a 13 and a half hour drive. On the way to Oki's house i was kicking my own ass just to stay awake, however the drive back wasnt so bad for some reason, i didnt have any problems staying awake. I hate it when cons are over, my first two cons i got pcd like crazy. Thankfully it wasnt to bad this time, i mean i hated leaving and i hated that it was over, but i think the more cons i go to the easier it is for me to deal with pcd. But until next time i hope to see alot of you at fwa, See you then.

Oklacon or bust
Gods its getting closer to Oklacon and its driving me crazy, it cant get here fast enough. Im going to be meeting up with Okidoki Coyote and together we are going to take either my car or his car and go pick up Foxglove at the airport, then from there head over to the con. I love going to cons, being a fur is in my blood definiately. I will be taking both Krinkle Kitty and Pewter Bunny with me. The drive will be 13 and 1/2 hours for me, and thats just to Okidoki's place. Its another hour or so to the actually con lol. 
     Road trip. Hopefully gas wont go much higher then what it already is. It will be a blast to meet the ones that i met and fwa09 and mfm09, and it will be great to see and meet new furs. Over the past week iv had the opertunity to chat with the furs that I will be staying in the cabin with. They all seem very nice and outgoing so i do believe we will all get along fairly well. I need to remember to pack winter close as iv heard that Oklacon will quit chilly and damn near freezing at night, but i figure if im going to be playing all day i might burn up if i dress to warmly. I have shit loads of music in my car so i figure if i find at least 13 cd's that have atleast an hours worth of music on it that will help kill time. I also have a tail commissioned for my bunny partial. So once i get there i need to find the fur that made it and get it from her and my bunny partial will be complete hehe yay. 
      Iv started donating plasma, and this is a good thing cause i get to help people and at the same time i get paid for it. And one of the women there told me that they might be raising theyre wages sometime soon. So that will kick ass hehe. And it will help pay for gas, yay. Any way i need to make my list, and for all of those that will be there, i cant wait to meet you again, and for those of you what wont be there, i hope to see you again soon. Tata for now.


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