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Oklacon or bust
Gods its getting closer to Oklacon and its driving me crazy, it cant get here fast enough. Im going to be meeting up with Okidoki Coyote and together we are going to take either my car or his car and go pick up Foxglove at the airport, then from there head over to the con. I love going to cons, being a fur is in my blood definiately. I will be taking both Krinkle Kitty and Pewter Bunny with me. The drive will be 13 and 1/2 hours for me, and thats just to Okidoki's place. Its another hour or so to the actually con lol. 
     Road trip. Hopefully gas wont go much higher then what it already is. It will be a blast to meet the ones that i met and fwa09 and mfm09, and it will be great to see and meet new furs. Over the past week iv had the opertunity to chat with the furs that I will be staying in the cabin with. They all seem very nice and outgoing so i do believe we will all get along fairly well. I need to remember to pack winter close as iv heard that Oklacon will quit chilly and damn near freezing at night, but i figure if im going to be playing all day i might burn up if i dress to warmly. I have shit loads of music in my car so i figure if i find at least 13 cd's that have atleast an hours worth of music on it that will help kill time. I also have a tail commissioned for my bunny partial. So once i get there i need to find the fur that made it and get it from her and my bunny partial will be complete hehe yay. 
      Iv started donating plasma, and this is a good thing cause i get to help people and at the same time i get paid for it. And one of the women there told me that they might be raising theyre wages sometime soon. So that will kick ass hehe. And it will help pay for gas, yay. Any way i need to make my list, and for all of those that will be there, i cant wait to meet you again, and for those of you what wont be there, i hope to see you again soon. Tata for now.


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