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 Well Oklacon was a blast. it was my third con, my second time fursuiting and my first oklacon. Everyone there was truly awsome. I didnt compete in the predator and prey as iv heard that people are always getting hurt, and the last thing i need is for something to go wrong to where i cant go to work as my job is a physical one. But, anyway I got to stay in a cabin with Okidoki coyote, Dash, Leo Lion, Kurisu Kitsune, and Fox Glove. All of whom were very nice and awesome to be around. 
     I fursuited alot  thank goodness, if i go to long without fursuiting i start going through withdrawls lol. I love fursuiting, ever sence i fursuited for the first at mfm i can get enough. I guess my next con will be fwa. Some furiends and me are trying for 6 cons next year, Which will be fwa, rcfm, maybe ac, mfm, oklacon, and maybe mff. 
     But anyway, back to Oklacon, i actually got to meet Calamity Cougar, and i got to help him create mischief against Okidoki Coyote, even though he was gearing it towards Greifer. I guess it was him striking back at Greifer for destroying lawnchairs. lol. 
      Leo brought his airsoft guns and had my peasly little nerf guns to add to insult to enjury. Foxglove gave me alot of tips on glowsticking and me and him talked alot about metal music. It seems the entire weekend we were talking alot about Metalocalypse. Which i think ill start watching that show again cause i forgot how funny it was. It was fun helping calamity cougar sabatoge  Okidoki's stuff. lol then i got to help Okidoki do the same to Calamity. Either way it goes I had a blast at Oklacon and will definiatley be going back next year. But next year i may fly cause that was a 13 and a half hour drive. On the way to Oki's house i was kicking my own ass just to stay awake, however the drive back wasnt so bad for some reason, i didnt have any problems staying awake. I hate it when cons are over, my first two cons i got pcd like crazy. Thankfully it wasnt to bad this time, i mean i hated leaving and i hated that it was over, but i think the more cons i go to the easier it is for me to deal with pcd. But until next time i hope to see alot of you at fwa, See you then.


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