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knoxville furmeet
We had a good turnout for the meet this past saturday. I think we had 12 to 15 show up then all those furs showed up at my apartment. We all sat around drank beer and liquor, and just goofed around. I suited up and played guitar which i love to do, and everyone one was cool with that. So i guess all in all our numbers are starting to pick up again. Superbowl sunday a furfriend of ours had his birthday and we had a party for him. And we all sat around and drank beer and liquor, and watched part of the superbowl, hehe Go SAINTS, the colts can suck a dick. Any thing i do with furs is awesome no matter how simple it is furs just make things better.

I cant wait until March. Im counting down the days until FWA. That will be the start for my cons for this year. I have FWA in March, RCFM in May, AC in June, MFM in September, Oklacon in October, and MWFF in November. I have to repair my fursuits a little bit first. But thats ok i just need to keep my workouts up and get prepared to play bark at the moon at the talent show. I get nervous just thinking about it. But i believe ill do fine. I hope to make alot of new fur friends year, and im going to try and play a different song during the talent shows at each of these cons, and i would like to have the song related to the themes of the cons, hehe that would be awesome. :) Until then stay furry and stay safe.


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