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MFM 2010
Well MFM this year will be kick ass i hope. Its a new hotel, but then again last year MFM 2009 was my first time fursuiting, and the first time i got to meet Okidoki Coyote. As much as im looking forward to MFM this year, it will take alot for it to top last year.

To bad Greifer wont be there, I always look forward to seeing him. But, i understand that you cant make every con, and Okidoki Coyote wont be there this year eather. But i will see him at Oklacon.

I finally have a wonderful girlfriend now by the name of Kurse. Check out her fa under the name Kurse. She does art comissions as well. Though we met at RCFM, this will be our first con where were actually traveling together.

Another thing i love about MFM is that it always falls on my birthday. Sept. 3rd. Its like my birthday present to me. :3 And, my girl Kurse bought us both badges from Scape The Goat. they are so bad ass. I love them, so thank you Scape for makeing out badges.

Anyway i hope to see alot of old faces at MFM and meet some new ones. Cons are always fun for making new friends. ^_^

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I hope u have a good MFM!

i will thank you Greifer. :3 if i can make it maybe ill see you at Midwest FurFest.

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