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From mfm to oklacon
MFM 2010 is over unfortunately. :( Though i had alot of fun hanging with my furiends and going to con with my mate for the first time. I miss it already. But i guess now is a good time for me to catch up on bills and straighten things out here at home while i wait for Oklacon.

I need to get back into a routing of working out, practicing guitar, and working on making for fursuits. Pewters feet are destroyed right now lol, so i need to repair them. I also need to make him and Krinkle some sandles. Speaking of Krinkle i need to start wearing him more. He was my second attempt at making a fursuit which in my opinion came out fairly well.

Ive been thinking long and hard about using my new Pewter Badge that my kitty bought for me from Scape the Goat, as a reference to have him made into a professional suit. I would have him look exactly like the badge if i could. He will be just a partial for right now then ill have the body suit made later. But, ill have to wait until i get some money.

My roommates were Howler, Crysm, Wildroo, Flamewind, and Knightwulf. They are all great furs and we had a wonderful time. Howler got a bacon toy but only after Goldenwolf and Kurse made him dance for it which was great. :3 They started calling him bacon bitch after that which made it even better lol. Such a silly Wolf. I got to hang with some pack members as well such as Merkindser and his mate JimDaleFox as well as there furiend Arron. I call them the foxy trio lol, and ill see them again at Oklacon.

Both me and my mate Kurse will be traveling to Oklacon together this year which will be awesome. We will be staying in a tent together. Even though i loved Oklacon last year it was one of the most unorganized events i have ever been to, but because of that we had to make our own fun which in my opinion made it more epic.

This year at Oklacon, Okidoki is on staff and i think Calamity Cougar is as well, and they say things this year will be much more organized and more fun, so i cant wait to see what they have going on. So until then, i hope to see alot of furs there. :3


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